Creativity – Are there only seven stories in the world?

Recently while doing an assignment I can to the somewhat disheartening realisation that I am not very creative at all. Thinking outside the box, colouring outside the lines or going at something from a totally unexpected direction may be the goal and that is all well and good but exactly how does one go about training their brain to think in a way other then the way it does. My brain hurts just thinking about it. 


I was having a conversion recently with my flatmate, he was asking me if I’d seen any good films recently and somehow this conversation moved to how there are only ever seven story lines. A first I found this very hard to believe but then I got to thinking about it and realised, after a little time spent on google, that this kind of works. 

Len Wilson lists them as:


This list is also on Wikipedia an I am unsure of the original author but the idea that every human story line can be put into one of seven boxes is rather amusing. And frightening. Maybe none of us human are as creative as we think we are. 

I found during my random page scanning three really good suggestions in relation to creativity.





The sheer amount of resources out there suggests this is something quite some number of people struggle with. I suppose it has a lot to do with the human drive to better ourselves. If acceptance is the first step to recovery then perhaps acknowledgement is the first step to enlightenment. The concept that having more extensive knowledge does give people a bigger and better idea bank is an interesting one and if it worked for Einstein its always worth a go, now to just find the time and drastically improve my memory.



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  1. Clare says:

    Great post!


  2. Thanks Clare. I had fun writing it and I finally have a valid excuse to watch more documentaries and read more books…..


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